Type: Commercial Use/ Interior Design

Year: July, 2019

Space: 250 m2

Design: FAAS Architects

Visualization: FAAS Architects

The dental clinic is lying on an area of 250 sq. meters. It is organized into a waiting area & reception, office space, two operating surgeries rooms, a lab and two toilets.  A light-filled space with a simple and modern interior design gives the feeling of a relaxing area. The main entrance has its focus on the reception and waiting area, designed to be welcoming and a friendly environment independent from other spaces of the clinic. Aiming to create a serene setting for the patients, a neutral palette is chosen for the interiors including materials such as wood panels, white marble finishes, white walls and the grey micro cement floor. Large windows are used in every space to bring plenty of natural light inside. A familiar feeling of serene and comfort defines the entire clinic. Even the treatment room feels peaceful and comforting. In this dental clinic, we chose proper materials that feel modern and light. We tried to bring coziness and relaxation such a design adapted for a family home.